Review the organization’s internal information holdings, undergo extensive stakeholder consultations and draft a report outlining findings and recommendations.
As part of the information management tools assessment Tim Wayne reviewed the content and structure of the shared networked drive.

  • stakeholder interviews
  • strategic planning
  • Shared drive management

XIST analyzed Web 2.0 services, technologies and practices for a Government of Canada department and outlined new opportunities that would support its core business activities. Research included interview sessions with staff, review of industry literature, and use of Web 2.0 services related to social networking, media sharing, social tagging, peercasting, syndication, blogs, wikis, and content mash-ups.


XIST delivered a strategic IM plan for a national legal organization. The planning process involved wide-ranging stakeholder interviews, environmental scan, and assessment of current service and application offerings. The final report emphasized governance and application related issues.

  • stakeholder interviews
  • application assessment
  • strategic planning

XIST completed an assessment of information management processes for a multi-partner government agency to analyze its information management practices and technologies, establish information management priorities, and outline a way forward to improve its information management capabilities. Recommendations included potential development strategies to streamline the organization’s information management operations, control critical sets of data, and position it to better manage increasing workloads and program activities.

  • stakeholder consultations

XIST developed for a government organization the strategic plan and information architecture of a portal web site that promotes physical activity to Canadians. The work required:

  • design and execution of user needs assessment interviews with key stakeholders
  • extensive online research across three tiers of government web sites to identify similar content offerings and programs
  • development of recommendations for the new site’s purpose, objectives, and design principles
  • identification and segmentation of potential, key audience types by information and navigation requirements
    design of a coordinated, scalable information architecture

XIST recently completed a strategic planning project to redevelop a government Internet website. This project included:

  • stakeholder consultations & focus groups
  • web survey preparation & data analysis
  • analysis & recommendations for website governance
  • information architecture development
  • preliminary website design mockups

XIST recently finished the first iteration of a community oriented website. The project involved extensive stakeholder consultations and information architecture planning. XIST carried out an environmental scan of web content management systems and selected Drupal.

More information and a full project description will be coming after the official site launch.

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