Review the organization’s internal information holdings, undergo extensive stakeholder consultations and draft a report outlining findings and recommendations.
As part of the information management tools assessment Tim Wayne reviewed the content and structure of the shared networked drive.

  • stakeholder interviews
  • strategic planning
  • Shared drive management

XIST completed a project to analyze the uses, benefits and management issues related to the maintenance of controlled vocabularies for a large government department. This project included:

  • thesaurus application review & environmental scan
  • stakeholder consultations
  • metadata and controlled vocabulary management
  • application of controlled vocabularies in departmental applications
  • search architecture for web resources

Using a relational database XIST created database of Ottawa place names. XIST populated the database with current and historic neighbourhood names using a standard thesaurus style structure (Use, Use for, Scope Notes, Broader terms, Narrower terms).


XIST redesigned a web site for a Canadian builder of world-class rowing shells and single racing sculls. The project included a broad range of integrated services:

  • online marketing strategy design
  • application development and content management system design
  • content development
  • user interface design
  • multimedia podcast development
  • search engine optimization

XIST completed a project for a large government organization to review network file shares organization, develop a sustainable taxonomy and implementation strategy to migrate legacy content.

  • network file shares analysis
  • taxonomy development
  • strategic planning

XIST placed a consultant onsite to provide full-time web planning, communications policy and web development services for a Government of Canada client. Under the direction of the client, the consultant developed policies for web based communications, developed a strategic plan for aligning the department web site with emerging communication priorities, and provided project management services to guide the development team through a transition period, until a new web master was hired full time on staff.


XIST conducted an environmental scan of open-source digital library technologies, developed a high-level development schedule and made recommendations to migrate a legacy database to a web-based digital library platform.


XIST recently finished the first iteration of a community oriented website. The project involved extensive stakeholder consultations and information architecture planning. XIST carried out an environmental scan of web content management systems and selected Drupal.

More information and a full project description will be coming after the official site launch.

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